My name is Paul Kocel, owner of Summit Group Event Services and Soul Fuel Music in Denver Colorado. We have been in the mobile stage business since 2004 and have owned or operated every stage on the market from Century, Wenger, Stageline, Mega Stage and Marshall Austin. We followed Apex when they introduced their first stage in 2005 and knew when our business grew enough we would own one of their stages. The 2420 was introduced this past year and worked out the details over an 8 month period finally picking up our brand new 2420 in May. As a retired Air Force office, attention to detail is paramount. I could not have asked for anything more from the crew at Apex. From the first call to the final delivery, there wasn’t a single question that went unanswered, a need that went unmet or a detail unnoticed. The facts are very plain: in the 2420 category, no stage has the fly bay capacity, the total load capacity, the maximum floor height or the available options for the price as the Apex 2420. I have owned the competition and/or spent enough time at the other factories to know this is the truth. The ability of Apex to custom design and build to the buyers needs is something no other manufacturer will offer. Built to order, built in the USA, and built to last this is Apex! We can’t wait until we grow enough to buy a second 2420 or move up to the 3224. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to come out and look at the rig, please feel free to contact me directly.

Paul Kocel

We purchased an Apex 3224 in February of 2012 and just love it!  It is a very versatile and dependable addition to our fleet.  I especially like the skirting and backdrop design and the ability to use the carabineers that came with the unit.  They also make hanging Clients’ banners much easier.

Frank "BirdDawg" Jones  
Architectural Stage Designer