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Legacy Stages

Legacy Stages by APEX Stages

Benefits of buying an Apex mobile stage

Along with years of experience in designing and manufacturing portable stages, we also offer: 


  • Great value while maintaining the high quality you’d expect
  • Innovative design that means you get a sleek-looking stage
  • A spotless safety history you can rely on
  • Stage inspections
  • Service offerings including training and mobile stage rentals
  • Free training when you buy a new stage from us – and very reasonable fees if you’ve bought your stage elsewhere
  • Stages that are made in America and support American manufacturing

Legacy Stages

Setup duration
2-3 Hours
Crew required
2x Crew
Audience limit
300-3K Audience

APEX 5040

This is the latest technology in mobile staging. The APEX 5040 features California legal split axles, the use of aluminum and steel, a non-slip floor, and a five-section deck with the center section built on the trailer frame and a bi-folding deck on each side. It’s also designed to support virtually every line array on … Continued

“We’ve always used Apex Stages. We feel the product and customer service are second to none.”
- Andrew “Chef” Nespor, ESS Productions, Omaha NE

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