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APEX 2420

The perfect stage for smaller venue professional productions, with an impressive load and lots of optional extras.

About the APEX 2420

This mobile staging is equipped with steel wheels, hydraulic outriggers, an all-aluminum construction trailer frame, two single axles, and a gas powered motor. The stage deck uses the same custom floor extrusion as the APEX 3224, which means adding additional decks is seamless and easy. The handrail system is also compatible and interchangeable with the APEX 3224. With a wide range of optional extras, the APEX 2420 is perfect for professional small venues.  
This stage has been replaced by the more versatile APEX 2424

Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 24' x 20'
  • Load capacity (roof): 13,500 lbs
  • Load capacity (fly bays): 2,000 lbs each
  • Towing requirement: 1 ton Pick-up truck

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"The facts are very plain: in the 2420 category, no stage has the fly bay capacity, the total load capacity, the maximum floor height or the available options for the price, as the Apex 2420. I have owned the competition and/or spent enough time at the other factories to know this is the truth. The ability of Apex to custom design and build to the buyers needs is something no other manufacturer will offer. Built to order, built in the USA, and built to last this is Apex! We can’t wait until we grow enough to buy a second 2420 or move up to the 3224."
Paul Kocel, Summit Group Event Services

“We’ve always used Apex Stages. We feel the product and customer service are second to none.”
- Andrew “Chef” Nespor, ESS Productions, Omaha NE

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