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Why choose an Apex stage? The top reason for buying an Apex stage is our design philosophy. We work hard at making the stages easy-to-use with the features most desired by event professionals. All our portable stages have a high-quality fit and finish. 

For event production teams, when you purchase from us and if you are wanting to rent your stage out, we will add you to our exclusive rental network. We’ll also refer business to you as a free service offering. Furthermore, we design around the concept of ROI. We feel that our products should be paid off in four years or less so you can maximize your investment dollars.

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Benefits of buying an Apex mobile stage

Along with years of experience in designing and manufacturing portable stages, we also offer: 


  • Great value while maintaining the high quality you’d expect
  • Innovative design that means you get a sleek-looking stage
  • A spotless safety history you can rely on
  • Stage inspections
  • Service offerings including training and mobile stage rentals
  • Free training when you buy a new stage from us – and very reasonable fees if you’ve bought your stage elsewhere
  • Stages that are made in America and support American manufacturing

Stages, Parts & Equipment

Gen3 5040
Setup duration
2-10 Hours
Crew required
8-16x Crew
Audience limit
5k – 50k Audience

APEX Gen3 5040

The Gen3 5040 is the newest and largest of our stages with the latest technology in mobile staging. This stage takes scalability and versatility to a new level. With a safer and easier setup and an overhead beam design that eliminates the “no fly zones” with ease, allowing endless options for hanging items from the … Continued
Setup duration
30 Minutes
Crew required
2x Crew
Audience limit
100-1K Audience

APEX 2016

Our most economical and most versatile mobile stage, but there’s no compromise on quality.
Setup duration
30 Minutes
Crew required
2x Crew
Audience limit
300-3K Audience

APEX 2420

The perfect stage for smaller venue professional productions, with an impressive load and lots of optional extras.
Setup duration
60 Minutes
Crew required
2x Crew

APEX 2424

The versatility of a regular stage with the option of a drop-down floor, deck extensions, and “eyebrow” to make it an APEX 2424 Mix mobile stage.
Setup duration
45 Minutes
Crew required
2x Crew
Audience limit
1K-8K Audience

APEX 3224

Two people can easily set this 32’ stage up in less than an hour. In fact, some of our customers have done it in less than 30 minutes.
Setup duration
2-3 Hours
Crew required
4-5x Crew
Audience limit
1K-20K Audience

APEX 4240

Unequalled maneuverability from a 42′ mobile stage that also offers dual stage positioning.
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APEX Optional Equipment

Get banner kits, extra handrails and stairs, extension decks, shocker hitch, loading ramp, replacement floor decking, and more.

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APEX Parts

Need replacement parts quickly? We’ve got your back.

“We’ve always used Apex Stages. We feel the product and customer service are second to none.”
Andrew “Chef” Nespor, ESS Productions, Omaha NE

What to consider when purchasing a portable stage

First, think about the maximum sized event you’ll hold, and select a stage that would be suitable for that. Then consider:

  • How big your audience will be
  • Your load rating requirements. For example, do you have lots of audio and lighting? Is your set up complex? 
  • Optional equipment, including extra accessories and replacement parts
  • What vehicle you will use to tow the stage. You’ll need no less than an F-350 or equivalent, depending on the stage you choose

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does APEX have user certifications?
A: APEX provides comprehensive training. A document is signed by all trainees that confirms the training.


Q: Does APEX sell Pre-owned stages?
A: APEX does not have “Pre-Owned’ or “Used” stage inventory at this time. However, we can often get people in touch with owners who are looking to sell used units.


Q: What is the lifespan of an APEX Stage?
A: With proper care and maintenance, the APEX stage should last 25 years.


Q: When in enclosed in trailer form, is the inner cargo area waterproof?
A: Yes. The inner cargo area is designed to keep rain out.


Q: Can the APEX 2420 and 3224 be bumper pull, or can the APEX 2016 be gooseneck?
A: No. The APEX 2420 and 3224 are only available with gooseneck hitch. The APEX 2016 is only available with bumper pull hitch.


Q: Do I need to rig my full speaker cable assembly if I am flying less than 1,000# (Models 3224 and 2420)?
A: APEX always recommends using the speaker wing cable assembly. However, it is required when flying over 1,000# of PA on the elevated sound wings.


A: Yes. The Apex Mobile Stages – Owners and Users Facebook page. Membership is by request.


Q: What will it cost to get new plywood decking for my entire stage?
A: Complete re-decking at the APEX facility takes roughly 2-3 days. The customer can save time and money by removing the old decking themselves. Some owners feel comfortable with doing the full replacement themselves. One 4’x 8’ sheet of decking costs $200 (price may vary) plus freight.


Q: Does APEX work with dealers or distributors?
A: No.


Q: Can i get an APEX if I am located outside the U.S.?
A: APEX has products throughout the U.S. Canada and Mexico. Although APEX distributes outside North America, we do not yet have a customer service infrastructure in place outside the U.S.

Mobile hydraulic stages vs. modular stages

The stages we sell at Apex are mobile hydraulic stages. You’ll also find them called portable concert stages or portable stage trailers. They all mean the same thing – they’re one single hydraulic stage unit on wheels that can be attached to a truck. They don’t require extensive installation, they’re efficient to build, and they’re retractable.

You’ll also come across portable modular stages. We don’t sell these at Apex. These types of stages have to be fitted together piece by piece in small sections – like the ones you commonly see at small graduation ceremonies. They’re a flat stage surface that are quite labor intensive to build.

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“We’ve always used Apex Stages. We feel the product and customer service are second to none.”
- Andrew “Chef” Nespor, ESS Productions, Omaha NE